We advise our clients in understanding, attracting & retaining Generation Z

    + understand Gen Z + attract Gen Z + retain Gen Z + create new concepts + unfold creative potential + resolve current challenges + stay up-to-date with current trends + take advantage of insight from the digital native


    Spar with 10+ members from the Generation Z itself, accompanied by 2 RELEVO. experts to help you solve your challenges.

    Data Insight

    Get real data insight from the Gen Z itself. Opinions, ideas, feedback and improvements. Questions with sub questions.

    Advisory Board

    Stay up-to-date and become relevant. Get monthly live sparring, with 4 Gen Z experts on board. Get a competitive edge on the youth.


    Inspire your organisation with a talk about the new generation. Relevant for directors, leaders, HR & Marketing Managers.

    Gen Z Crew

    Get access to the largest Gen Z network in Denmark. Age group between 15-24. The right place for major brands to gain data.

    Full project

    Have Gen Z experts as a part of your project all the way. Get Gen Z Proofed. Including Advisory board, Workshop and Analysis.

    Book an authentic Gen Z talk

    Theme: Myths and Truths about Generation Z

    How do you attract and retain young talents at your company? Which organizational culture do they favour at the workplace? As a business, how do you sell to this generation? Are you producing the right content for them?

    Both in Danish Danish and English English

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    Antonio Gen Z talk
    Jahanzeeb Gen Z talk


    Can you afford to ignore the largest generation?

    Gen Z is here – now.
    They’re graduating from high school and university and entering the workplace. They have incredible purchasing power. They’re voting and making important decisions, taking a stand in society, and contributing to the economy. To reach Gen Z, we need to be transparent, personal, and overly social. Marketers either change the way they communicate with this generation of digital and social media natives, or Gen Z’ers will move on to brands that do. Gen Z is set to influence nearly 600 billion dollars of family spending and will comprise 40 per cent of consumers by 2020.” – Source: Pew Research Center

    8 unique Generation Z characteristics

    Generation Z
    Always Connected

    and many more…

    Personal Branding
    Global Thinking
    Higher Expectations
    Entrepreneurial Mindset

    Listen to the voice of Gen Z

    There are plenty of advantages associated with using our Gen Z network. We have listed a few of them here:

    • +500 Danish Gen Z members
    • Co-Create to get inspired with new ideas
    • Only available in our workshops
    • We use a screening process to match
    • Only qualified and controlled responses
    Gen Z Crew network RELEVO

    Meet Our Expert Team

    Seven Languages. Five Cultures. Four People.

    Antonio Roca

    Branding Gen Z Expert and Speaker

    Ryan Aryan

    Marketing Gen Z Expert and CEO

    Jahanzeeb Ahmed

    Strategic Gen Z Expert and Speaker


     Don’t just come to work. Come to change