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    What is truth and what is myth?
    In this presentation, our own Gen Z speakers dive deep into this topic regarding the multiple misconceptions companies hold about this generation. By providing a research-based overview of the group’s characteristics, overlapping consumer motives and workplace preferences. This presentation addresses Gen Z’ers both as consumers and as employees, as well as members of society.

    Content of the talk include:

    • Trends, Population, Timeline
    • Earners, consumers, spenders
    • Characteristics and Diversity
    • Values, Beliefs & Culture
    • Idols, heroes, generational icons
    • Marketing & Communications
    • Segmentation, Behavioral
    • Attracting & Retaining
    • Social Media & Influencers
    • Community – Co-creation
    Myths & Truths about Generation Z
    Antonio Gen Z talk
    Jahanzeeb Gen Z talk


    • A talk can last between 45 mins. and 2 hours.
    • Suitable for Go Home Meeting, Strategy Day, or Inspiration Day.
    • Relevant for Leaders, HR & Marketing Managers.
    • Two Gen Z experts participate on each talk.
    • We present talks all over Denmark.
    • No transportation costs for Zealand.

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