We are a board of Generation Z entrepreneurial minded business developers
    located in Copenhagen.

    We co-create with organizations to 

    + create new concepts + unfold creative potential + create new products, services, cultures + resolve current challenges + understand Gen Z + stay up-to-date with current trends + target new customer segments + take advantage of insight from the digital native + innovate with individuals within same business areas + unfold diversification

    Why choose us?

    Defined by our People
    We take great pride in owning our Generation Z characteristic. We believe we were lucky to have seen a bit of both worlds and further developed in the digital era.
    Powered by Knowledge
    We believe in learning and the power of knowledge. Whether the knowledge is gained through educational institutions or is experiential.
    Dedicated to Show our Value
    We are dedicated to show our value and are aware that we are young, but with this characteristic comes our ability of being creative and thinking outside the box.

    Proud Gen Z Characteristics

    Challenge your company with a different mindset, new ways of innovating and creating future possibilities for sustainable growth that are aimed to be completely diversified.

    Retain Information Faster
    Better At Multi - Tasking
    Price Conscience
    Work Experience
    Entrepreneurial Mindset
    Higher Expectations
    Individual Branding
    Global Thinking

    Gen Z

    The Up-And-Coming

    "Comprising 25 percent of the US population, Gen Z is going to be larger than Boomers, Xers and Millennials. Gen Z is set to influence nearly 600 billion dollars of family spending and will comprise 40 per cent of consumers by 2020."
    - Source: Pew Research Center

    A new idea from the up-and-coming generation can become tomorrow's revenue


    What is co-creation?

    Co-creation is your possibility to have insight from different diversified perspectives. This process simply identifies and takes advantage of the uniqueness and added value of having multiple views on a single problem area.  There are multiple forms of co-creation ranging from co-branding to co-creation on product development to co-creating marketing campaigns. Furthermore, several benefits are also linked to co-creation such as;

    Co-Creating Ideas
    Outside–In Perspective
    Risk Mitigations
    Innovating Better
    Creating Customer Centric Products
    Meaningful insights
    Generating Brand Loyalty
    Cost Reductions
    Less Customer Retention

    Still have questions?

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    A specific innovation framework, developed to give your company:

    • New ways of thinking, working, and tackling relevant issues
    • Combined concepts from diversified perspectives
    • 6-12 possible solutions looked at from both outside-in and inside-out
    • A business strategy that ensures growth
    • 1-2 concepts that are ready for implementation

    All in one. Seven unique processes, which are strong alone - but even stronger together.

    Problem Area
    Various techniques for research gathering
    Diversified eyes on your problem area
    Individual researching from the full team
    Researching and analyzing possible solutions
    Think Tank Round
    Multiple possible inspirations
    A starting point for further development
    Combined concepts
    Concepts from most business areas
    6-12 possible solutions
    New ways of thinking about issues
    Controlled sparring with the younger generations
    Challenging you with our way of thought
    Critical opinion on the concepts
    Acknowledging risks and viability
    Decision upon majority agreement
    Funneling down to 1-2 concepts
    Dual team collaboration
    1-2 concepts ready to implement
    Measures such as: Design, KPI, Risk Portfolio, WBS, Prototype etc.
    1 concept ready for approval
    Summary of the entire process
    Collaborative final look on concept
    Final tweaks before hand-off
    Follow Up
    A helping hand on rising issues
    Help upon implementation
    Prior-research regarding solutions
    Concept killed or tweaked
    Business Areas

    Meet our expert team

    Sebastian Frederiksen

    Chief Technology Officer

    Ryan Aryan

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Jahanzeeb Ahmed

    Chief Strategy Officer & Co-Founder

    Antonio Roca Díaz

    Chief Brand Officer

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